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Turning a moment into a movement. This simple idea is the driving force behind #HealSTL. Our goal is to provide long-term solutions to the complex problems facing St. Louis and other communities across the country.

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Far too many citizens are disenfranchised, too many neighborhoods are divided, and too many families are struggling. #HealSTL's goal is to solve these problems with innovative, community-rooted programs. The organization will develop some programs in-house, but the majority of programs will be developed by members of the community and supported by #HealSTL. The only way we can #HealSTL is if we do it together.

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A vote is a formal expression of an individual's choice. It is our right as citizens and members of our community to use our voice to make change happen one choice at a time. Some may ask Does my vote count?. A better question to ask is If I don't vote, will we change anything?. It's your choice to use your voice. Below you can choose from two simple ways to make your voice heard and MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT.

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